BE200 User Manual


True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds with Power Case
User Manual


Included In This Package

Air Twins

Micro-USB Charging Cable

Interchangeable Ear Tips

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Air Twins Quick Table


Personalize your fit

Air Twins comes with three different sizes of interchangeable ear tips. A pair of ear tips is pre-mounted to the earphones. Make sure the caps seal your ear completely which leads to a proper sound quality. We recommend to try all caps and select the most secure one.


Inserting the Earphones

The fit of earphones can greatly affect sound quality, make sure you pick the correct tips and install on the earbuds correctly and follow the step below:

  1. Tilt the earbuds slightly forward and insert the ear tip into your ear
  2. Adjust the fit by rotating Air Twins backwards until you feel comfortable and secure fit


Activate and Charge

Before you can get started using Air Twins, it needs to be activated.

  1. Place Air Twins into the Power Case and make sure it sits comfortably on the magnetic charging dock
  2. Connect the Power Case to a computer or a power source via Micro-USB Cable
  3. The LED indicator on the power case will start flashing and Air Twins will start charging at the other end. We recommend you fully charge the Air Twins power case before your first use
  4. The battery is fully charged when the LED indicator on the power case turns to level 4


Turn on Air Twins and Setup inter-earbuds connection

***The “L” & “R” Air Twins earbuds were paired with each other by default, user can simply take out both earbuds from the case, turn on the earbuds by pressing the control button for 3 seconds and trigger the inter-earbuds connection.


Once turn on Air Twins, the LED on “L” earbud will flash in Red/Blue while the LED on “R” earbud will flash in Blue, user can put on both earbuds and a voice notification “Connected” will be provided from “L” earbud, afterwards you can pair Air Twins with your digital device.


If user took out both earbuds but failed to trigger the inter-earbuds connection, take a look of the LED indicator, if both are flashing in red and blue, it means that you are required to reset the inter-earbuds connections. In this case, simply reset your inter-earbuds connection.


Reset the inter-earbuds connection

  1. Make sure both earbuds are power off
  2. Press and hold one earbuds control button for 7 seconds and it will flash in red and blue quickly
  3. Turn on the other earbuds by pressing the button to 3-4 seconds. It will flash once in blue
  4. After few second, the earbuds will establish the connection with each other. The master earbud will flash in red and blue (pending for Bluetooth pairing) and the slave earbud will flash in blue every 5 seconds. A voice notification “Left channel” & “Right channel” will be triggered on-ear and you can pair Air Twins with your digital devices after the inter-earbuds connection stage


Connect Air Twins with your digital devices

Air Twins uses Bluetooth to connect with your digital devices. After turn on both earbuds:

  1. Select “BE200” and connect via Bluetooth on your digital device
  2. The Earbuds will notify you a message of “Connected”
  3. Air Twins is now ready to use


Example: iPad / iPhone

Press Settings > General > Bluetooth > Bluetooth ON > BE200 > Pair



Example: Android 6.0 Smartphone

Press Settings > Bluetooth ON > Scan > BE200 > Pair


How to pair with a new device

  1. Disconnect your current Bluetooth connection on your digital device
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your new device and follow the above connection steps



Playing music

Once you are connected via Bluetooth, simply select the music on your device and Air Twins will play instantly


Making or receiving calls

Calling someone: when using your mobile, you will have the option of using your Air Twins as the headset, please make sure it is selected within your mobiles settings.


Receiving calls: either press the Earbuds Control Button to answer the call on the Air Twins, or you can answer the call in the usual way on your phone – you need to make sure your Air Twins is selected within your mobiles settings.


Call Last Dial: Simply double click the Earbud, your mobile phone will automatically initiate a call to your last dial


Ending calls: Single click the Earbud Control button while on phone to end the call or use your phone in the usual way.


How to charge Air Twins Power Case

  1. Use the supplied USB cable to connect your Power Case to a USB power source (a computer, power bank or USB charging plug)
  2. While the Power Case is being charged, the LED power indicator on the Power Case will turn red

When fully charged the LED power indicator will turn off.


Turning off Air Twins

Once finished using Air Twins, you may turn it off by:

  1. Press the Earbud Control Button for 3 seconds and the Earbud will notify you a message “Power Off”, or
  2. Simply put the Earbuds back to the magnetic charging dock, the Air Twins will automatically turn off


Quick Earbud Remote Control



Play / pause a track      

Single click

Call last dial

Double click

Accept call

Single click (receiving phone call)

End call

Single click (On Phone)


How to Charge your Earbuds

Put your earbuds back to the magnetic holder, the earbuds LED will turn to red and indicate that it is charging.


How to Charge a Mobile Device

  1. Connect your device to the USB output port on the Power Case with the Micro USB cable provided or use the original cable come with your device.
  2. Press the Power Button on the Power Case
  3. When your device is fully charged or you want to stop, disconnect the cable.


In order to charge your device, you will need to have a USB cable compatible with your device. These come standard with all Apple products as well as most other smartphones, tablets and digital devices. Plug the standard USB end into the Power Case. Now, use the other end of cable and plug it into the device you wish to charge. Once charged, simply unplug your device.

***Note: The maximum total output current of this battery is 1.5A. Power cannot be discharged to the mobile device requiring amperage of more than 1.5A.

Note: Different mobile device manufacturers have different requirement for the cable which are used for charging of mobile device. Different mobile devices have different charging verification modes and new product appear from time to time. Accordingly, we do not guarantee that our product can charge all devices. Some devices require special charging cables or connectors, or we can charge these products only by using our cables or connectors. For Apple device user, please use your own original cable for charging your device.


Interpretation of the Power Case Status Indicator


●○○○  ≤ 25%

●●○○  ≤ 50%

●●●○  ≤ 75%

●●●●  ≥ 75%

○○○○  = fully charged. You can disconnect the USB connector from USB wall charger or PC.

*Charging Time: approx. 3 hours (by DC5V ═ 1A input)



●○○○ ≤ 25%, you should recharge your Power Case.

●●○○ ≤ 50%

●●●○ ≤ 75%

●●●● > 75%


Note: It is normal for the Air Twins and device to get warm during charging and discharging, and they may get even warmer if you use your device to, for example, play video or game while charging.



Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.1

Operating distance: up to 33 feet (10 metres)

Impedance: 16Ω

Earphone sensitivity: 94 dB/mW

Frequency: 20Hz – 20KHz

Play time: Up to 3 hours

Talk time: Up to 3.5 hours

Maximum playtime with power case: Additional 60 hours music/talk time

Input voltage: 5V/1A

Output voltage: 5V/1.5A

Battery capacity: 2,800mAh

Charging time: 1 hour (Earphone)

                        3 hours (Case)

Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 25 mm (Earphone)

89 x 89 x 60 mm (Case)

Weight: 4 grams (Earphone)

             101 grams (Case)


Model No: BE200

Designed by Ye!! in Hong Kong

Made in China



No connection between Air Twins and your Bluetooth device.

l   Make sure the Air Twins is fully charged

l   Make sure the Air Twins is switched on.

l   Make sure your Bluetooth device is available and supports Bluetooth Advance Audio Distribution profile.

l   Make sure the Air Twins is within range of your Bluetooth device.


Audio is not coming out from the Bluetooth Earbuds after Bluetooth device successfully paired.

l   Make sure the Bluetooth device volume is set to a comfortable listening level.

l   Try to reconnect your device with Air Twins


Safety information

Read all information and warnings before using Air Twins. Improper use of this product may lead to the product being damaged and you (the buyer, not the dealer) will be held responsible for damages such as overheating, the release of toxic fumes, fire or explosion.

-       Do not attempt to charge Air Twins by using any other method other than a USB charger, power bank or computer

-       Do not modify or disassemble the battery

-       Do not dismantle or modify Air Twins in any way

-       Do not use the battery in bathrooms etc. Do not expose Air Twins to moisture or immerse it in liquid. Keep Air Twins dry at any time.

-       Do not keep Air Twins in an environment that has excessively high temperatures, including intense sunshine

-       Do not throw this product into a fire or leave in a hot environment. Avoid dropping or any other impact or friction to this product

-       Do not place Air Twins on flammable materials, such as bedding or carpets during charging

-       Do not touch Air Twins with wet hands

-       Disconnect the USB connector from Air Twins’s Power Case once fully charged

-       Only use this product within the following temperatures: 0° - 40°

-       Do not connect input and output in reverse

-       Do not charge Air Twins in excess of the rating suggested

-       If any issue arises when using Air Twins, disconnect the USB connector from the computer port and contact your dealer

-       In the unlikely event that any liquid from the inside of this product gets into your eyes, do not rub your eyes. Wash your eyes immediately with clean water and consult a physician

-       All Ye!!’s products have been tested comprehensively to ensure quality. If you encounter any unusual heat, discoloration or product distortion during charging or storage, please stop using it immediately and contact the dealer. These issues may cause leakage, heat, smoke or ignition of Air Twins

-       Air Twins is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities (or lack of experience and knowledge) unless they have been given supervision or instructions concerning the use of Air Twins by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with Air Twins, this is not a toy


Legal Liability

Air Twins can only be used with compatible products and the Power Case can be used only with matching electronic equipment. Please read your equipment compatibility instructions to determine whether Air Twins matches your equipment requirements. The manufacturer will not be liable for any damage to your electronic equipment during the use of this product. Ye!! will not held responsible for any equipment or accessories not suitable for use with Air Twins. The manufacturer will not be held liable for damage caused by misuse or damage incurred by the buyer or the third party rising from any intentional or unintentional use of Air Twins. As mentioned above, the manufacturers shall not be held liable for damage caused by misuse of the Air Twins.