External Power Bank



How to choose a right external power bank?


Understand the capacity of your device is very important factor you have to know before you purchase your power bank. Do not let you buy a power bank which have less power than your device. For example, the iPhone 5s battery with 1,560mAh of power, for the iPhone 5s battery can charge up to full power requires banks with a minimum of 2,000 mAh. If you want to charge twice, at least should use minimal power bank with 4,000 mAh. If you are a frequent traveler, it is recommended to use an external power bank with high power capacity of 6,000mAh or above.


LED Indicator:

It is really useful to choose a power bank which has LED indicators so that one can know when it’s running out of battery. All of our external power banks are built-in with patented Smart Power Detection, the users can simply “shake” or “tap” the battery unit, the LED indicators will display the remaining battery capacity.



It is really useful if the power bank has built-in charging connectors, then you can leave your cables at home. We offer various external power bank models to accommodate different kind of users. Some of models are integrated with connectors for convenient charging on-the-go. Some offer larger capacity but without integrated connector. Upon your personal preferences, you can decide which model would fit your device.



There are direct relationship between size and capacity. If you want to have a light and slim external power bank, be expected that the battery capacity would be low. Vice versa, if you need a very juicy one, the size would be much larger. A 6,000mAh external power bank would be an ideal point of balance between capacity and size.



Unlike other generic power bank, our external power banks are designed with your active mobile lifestyle. They combine simple shapes and appealing colors, which create an aesthetic fit for different type of users. There are vibrant colors available for you to choose from. You will find one that best suits to your personality and lifestyle.



What devices can Ye!! external power bank support to charging to?

Apart from the protective battery case which is tailor-made to fit a specific model, most Ye!! external batteries are universal which means it can support charging to the most of USB-powered devices, either with the included connector and cables or with the original cable of your device. However, different mobile device manufactures have different requirement for the cable which are used for charging of mobile device. Different mobile devices have different charging verification modes and new product appear from time to time. Accordingly, we do not guarantee that our product can charge all devices. Some devices require special charging cables or connectors, or we can charge these products only be using such cables or connectors. We always suggest using the original USB Cable included with your mobile device to charge your devices.



How to recharge Ye!! external power banks?

Most of our external power banks come with a Micro USB charging cable, simply plug the provided cable into your computer or USB compatible wall charger with 2A current output (DC 5V, 2,000mA). The charging time depends on the capacity of the power bank and the output power of the power source.



How can I tell when Ye!! external power bank is fully charged?

Most of our external power banks are designed with LED battery status indicators. In general, when all the indicators turn off, it means fully re-charged, For further details, please refer to the user manual inside the packaging or on Ye!! website.



1. 1 LED turn on ≤ 25%

2. 2 LED turn on ≤ 50%

3. 3 LED turn on ≤ 75%

4. 4 LED turn on ≥ 75%

5. All LED turn off = fully charged.



  1. 1 LED ≤ 25%

  2. 2 LED ≤ 50%

  3. 3 LED ≤ 75%

  4. 4 LED > 75%



What can I do when I encounter a problem with Ye!! products?

Ye!!’s products are well assembled and inspected before the shipment, but sometimes a problem may occur during the actual use. In order to solve the problem quicker, you can conduct some simple tests to identify the issue. If the external power bank cannot charge the device, make sure the external power bank is fully recharged, If yes, the issue will most likely be with the cable. You can try to use another cable to charge your device. If it still doesn’t work, the issue might be with the power bank itself. You should contact the customer service representative from your local distributor.



How do I claim product warranty if I have problem with Ye!! products?

We offer one year limited warranty upon product purchase. Within the warranty period, if your Ye!! product encounters an issue and you want to claim warranty. You should contact the customer service of your local distributor. You need to present the original receipt of purchase to verify whether or not the product is still within warranty period.



Can my device charge from the external power bank while the external power bank itself is charging?

Unlike other brands external power bank, their products do not support synchronous charging and discharging. Our latest models such as Energy Mini BPR28, Energy Duo BPR84, Energy Pack BPR88, which support synchronous charging and discharging.



How can I get replacement charging cable or connector in case of loss?

You can contact your local distributor for information as to where to buy such cable or connector. You can also contact us by email at info@yelltowin.com.



How can I get the user manual if I loss the original one?

In case you loss the original user manual, you can download it in our website under the specification section of each product. If you are still not able to locate the user manual, you may contact us by email at info@yelltowin.com, we will be happy to send you a copy.



I can feel warm when the Ye!! external power bank is charging or discharging, is this normal?

This is normal for the charger and device to get warm during charging and discharging, and they may get even warmer if you use your device to, for example, play video or game while charging.



I’d like to buy a Ye!! product, but have more questions about how it works. How can I get more information?

As of now, Ye!! has distribution channels cover more than 30+ countries and products are available in most of the renowned chain stores, you can go to the “Where to Buy” section on our website to locate the nearest store or check with our local distributor to identify a store that is closed to you. Or you may also contact Ye!! customer service at +852 2730-4208 or send an email to info@yelltowin.com and we’ll be happy to assist.



Why an external power bank, whose typical capacity is the same or slightly higher than device's one, can't fully charge a phone?

The capacity stated on the product is in terms of mAh is not a real indication of the actual usage capacity. The claimed capacity of an external power bank is the nominal capacity of a lithium battery, which is 3.7V. It’s measured by a discharging current of 0.2C (means 20% of the battery capacity) from 4.2V to 0V. In reality, the battery will not drained to 0V, normally it's protected at around 3.3V to avoid over-drain which damage the battery cell. That goes some loss of capacity. What’s more, a battery cell is only 3.7V and in order to charge a smartphone or portable device, the voltage has to be raised up to 5V. During his process, there will be some capacity loss as well. At the same time, there is also energy loss when the built-in battery of device charges the device itself. What’s more, there is also power consumption for standby power. In general, the energy efficiency is about “80% to 90% when the power bank chargers the device.



Can Ye!! external power banks support charging to the new iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display?

Absolutely, most of Ye!! external power bank can support charging to the new iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display. For example, Energy Duo BPR84, Energy Pocket BPS60 (Lightning version) and Energy Box BPS50 (Lightning versions) are already imbedded with the Lightning connector, you can charge these devices without bringing your own cable. For another models such as Energy Pack BPR88, Energy Mini BPR28, you can still charge these apple devices via the original Lightning cable.



Portable Bluetooth Speaker



Which devices are compatible with Ye!! Portable Bluetooth Speakers?

Ye!! Portable Bluetooth Speakers such as BTS700/710/750/900 is compatible with most A2DP enabled Bluetooth devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android smartphones and tablets, and most Mac or PC computers. They are also compatible with a headphone jack or audio line out.



Can I use Ye!! Portable Bluetooth Speaker as a Speakerphone?

Currently, only the BTS710 has a built-in microphone for use as a wireless speakerphone. As long as your music device has both Bluetooth A2DP, advanced audio distribution profile and HFP, hands free profile enabled. It will support phone calls, video chats using portable Bluetooth speaker BTS710 as a Speakerphone.



How long does the battery last?

Ye!! Portable Bluetooth Speaker will play continuous music on built-in battery power.
The playback time of each speaker are varies by the battery capacity, volume and connection type). You can recharge your speaker via the USB port from your PC or any compatible wall charger.



How do I pair the Ye!! Bluetooth Speaker with my Phone?

Switch the Bluetooth Speaker to the BT mode. The speaker is discoverable and ready for pairing. The status indicator blinks blue. On your Bluetooth music device, turn on Bluetooth and scan for devices in its Bluetooth menu. When the “Ye!! - BTS” appears on the device list of your device, select “Ye!! – BTS”. The status indicator turns solid blue after pairing is established. The speaker is ready to play music. If any passcode/password is required, please enter "1234".



How do I pair the Ye!! Bluetooth Speaker via NFC One-Touch Pairing?

Firstly, you have to switch the Bluetooth Speaker to the BT mode. Then activate the NFC feature on your music device. And then touch the NFC area of the Bluetooth Speaker with the NFC area of your music device. Lastly, press “confirm” the connection from your music device.



Does Ye!! Portable Bluetooth Speaker support more than one device pairing?

No, our Portable Bluetooth Speakers only support one device pairing.



If you cannot find your question(s) on this page, please contact info@yelltowin.com and we’ll be happy to assist.