Advance Bright Limited (ABL) was established in 1996. Forseeing the increasing market demands in electronic markets, original equipment company
vertically integrated with manufacturing plants and forms ABL to offer different ranges from  video games, digital cameras, video cameras, educational
toys & Wii/PS/PC game accessories. Items like Gunboy®, Dance MasterTM and Croaky KaraokeTM are just a few of our successful stories. in 2006,
we had 1500 staffs and we were one of the biggest video game manufacturers in China.

During 2008-2011, our management recognized the opportunity in electronic accessories after Apple and Samsung released their smartphone series.
ABL started to research on this opportunity and therefore Ye!!, the renowned "Designed in HK" brand, was created to serve the global needs on these
consumer electronic accessories.

Now, ABL successfully reformed into a global electronic accessories supplier. With the help of our R&D, Design, Sales & Marketing team, we aim to
expand our network in the world with our inspiring products.